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Samsung United Kingdom - All Level Locks (NETWORK,PROVIDER,SUBPROVIDER,DEFREEZE,RGCK) Direct Source

Unlock Description

Use this tool to unlock all Samsung Phones from South American networks.

Will provide all 4 levels of unlocks.

*Please verify that you receive a prompt for the network unlock code before submitting order. NO refunds will be given if unlock code is returned and no prompt if received.


Refund policy :

Unfortunatley There is No Verify or refund for this tool incase of non working codes

The reason for this is that the codes are always correct but the Firmware on Samsung causes many codes to fail that are correct on select models

Non working codes are 99% Solved by our trouble shooting instructions. 1% are firmware issues as we stated above

Service might have Delays on rare occasion when samsung server might go on maitaince,in these cases there are no cancellations for delayed orders

Price : $16USD