Servicio IMEI

Samsung MSL Code Via IMEI + SN (Worldwide) - Unlock By Box/Dongle

No Cancel... Work on Batch Basis | No Hay Cancelaciones, Servicio Trabaja En Lotes

Read Serial No. by z3x and submit Serial only and get MSL code and enter this code by z3x box to get Network unlocked

Make sure knox is 0 (knox 1 not supported ) 

Check On Download Mod Knox= 0 | Setting – About – Knox = 0 Only Supported

Strict Policy: The Code is Originally From Database and Calculated With Serial.

Note: T-mobile apps, Metro APP  Unlock and Sprint samsung not supported

This supplier Don't refund in any case please do not use any fake or wrong serial or do not force for verification or refund

Will not work for phone with Knox flag tripped ,so verify before ordering in Download Mode, as there is no refund if not working because of this reason!

Price : $26USD