Servicio IMEI

Samsung Canada All Model NCK + MCK (Unfreeze)

Refund Policy

No Refund for Duplicate Orders & Ordering Same IMEI in any other Database Results Same codes.

Incase your order an imei which is not Samsung u can expect it as stuck in server for approx 24 Hours and gets rejected after server reoboot once in 24 Hours.

all the codes we supply are 100% correct and you order any where in the world you get the same codes , however in case the phone dont accept the codes We don't refund / take responsibility that codes must work 100% in your phone , why the code dont work in your phone has many other reasons like ,

block counters
custom rom ( very normall in lte versions )
a replaced handset from service center

both of these probems can be sorted by flashing a generic STOCK rom in your phone and than unlock with same codes will work 100% .


Service might have Delays on rare occasion when samsung server might go on maitaince,in these cases there are no cancellations for delayed order

Price : $26USD